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 Vulcan, Volta Automotive Industries Ltd, is Israel’s leading car battery manufacturer and distributor. Established in 1954, Vulcan is renowned for its Volta brand name of...
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Tefen Industrial Park  P.O.B 17 Migdal Tefen , 24959, Israel,   Tel . +972-4-9109200  Fax  + 972-4-9872672 ...
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 FAQ I purchased a vehicle with a battery under warranty, yet the previous owner did not provide me with a warranty certificate...
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Batery Glossary
Volt The volt (symbol: V) is the derived unit of electromotive force, commonly called "voltage"....
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Batteries contain lead, acid and other hazardous materials which must be properly recycled and...
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Battery Technology
A vehicle battery is composed of 6 connected, equally sized cells. Each cell is...
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